some things i've read

first off there's my favorite authors of whose work i read all that i can find, or in the case of asimov, just scads, but nothing like the entirety of his corpus.

next there's some thoughts on words, my love.

then there's what's been through my hands since i started keeping this list. perhaps i won't remember to put everything i read on here, or will fail to make time to review much of it. but without trying, one will never know what might have been.

i do most of my reading online. there are a zillion and one things to see on the internet, and there are at least hundreds objectively worth reading. much of my LiveJournal Friends page does not necessarily fall under that category (of course it's all subjectively great or i wouldn't spend so much of my time there!), but there are a few consistent exceptions to that rule which i'll share with you here.

i also read some webcomics. usually i drink words by the liter, but when i want them by the drop with guaranteed humor in, i go here.

picture of the shelf
of course, there are plenty of books on my to-read shelves (64 at last count). i've passed the point at which i am not actually allowing myself to buy more books until i make a sizable dent in this bunch, though i continue to cheat on this policy both at the library and in impulse purchases.

there are also quite a few more things i'm interested in on my amazon wishlist.

and some things that are in progress. most of them are at least medium term: typically i find them worthwhile but hard reading, so i won't give up, but i'm easily distracted to lighter reading. however some are just what i'm actually reading at the moment, as in, making daily progress. and i hate myself (just a little) for ever adding more to this list without taking some off.

all of my book links are to amazon in this document; their website is fantastic and i buy stuff like dvd's from them. however i strongly encourage you to support a local bookstore in your shopping; book people is my library-away-from-the-library in austin, while i recommend the tattered cover in denver and the boulder bookstore in boulder, and of course powell's city of books in portland.. if there is a canonical awesome local bookstore for your area, please feel free to tell me about it and i might link it in here.

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